Question Where do I put the oil on my dog, cat, etc? Answer: Oil is places between the paws, on the ears where the flies are      likely to irritate them and in the ears.  If your animal has any missing hair, irritated skin or open wounds, please make sure to rub the oil in the affected area/s on a regular basis until you start to see regrowth of skin, hair, etc.
Question Can I put the oil on an open wound on my animal? Answer: Yes.  All our products are 100% natural therefore, they will not harm you animal in any way.
Question Can I wash my dog or cat bed with the shampoo or spray it with the organic spray?                 Answer: Yes.  It is highly recommended that you wash or spray the area where the animal sleeps after every bath or wash the bed where the animal sleeps in order to minimise the risk of your animal getting infected again by the fungal disease, fleas, ticks, etc.
Question Will the organic spray stop my animal from itching?  Answer: Yes.  Our organic spray will give your loved one instant relief from any itching or scratching.  However, in order to permanently deal with the underlying problem, a full treatment must be carried out on a regular basis for at least 1-3 months.  You pet will require to be washed & sprayed at least 2 times per week as well as your pets dwelling.  The surrounding environment will also require to be treated.
Question Will my animal turn green from the shampoo or spray?  Answer: Yes but do not panic, IT DOES WASH OFF.  Do to the fact that we use 100% organic products  if you have a pet that has a light colour coat e.g. white, it is highly likely that your pet will look a bit green after being sprayed.  This is because our products contain neem which is a green plant.  Simply rewash the animal with warm water and/or a standard pet shampoo and it will wash the colour out. (It may require several washes) !
Question Will my animal get any allergic reaction from your shampoo’s or spray?  Answer: No.  It is very unlikely that your animal will get any kind of allergic reaction from our products as they are 100% organic.  An allergic reaction on your animal is only possible if it is sensitive to any of the ingredients in our products.  Please read the bottle for further details.
Question What is the best way to apply the spray for maximum results?  Answer: Simply lift the coat up try to spray the thoroughly all over the body of the animal
Question Will my dog, cat, goat, horse, etcetera be poisoned if he drinks the shampoo or licks it off him or her ?                 Answer: No.  Because our products are 100% organic your animal will not be   harmed in any way.
Question I accidentally spilled the products all over my body, will I get infected or have any kind of reaction?                 Answer: Very Unlikely.  Because our products are 100% organic & made from plants, you will not be harmed in any way.  Should any allergic reaction take place of any kind, it would only be because you may be allergic to one or more  of the ingredients on the product.  We recommend that you seek medical assistance as soon as possible & wash your skin thoroughly with plain warm water.
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Question Can I put the shampoo on the grass after I wash my dog, cat, horse, etc?  Answer: Yes.  All of our products are 100% natural so it will not harm your grass in any way.  In fact it is recommended that you spread any remaining water after you have washed your animal around the yard to kill any fleas or ticks.  If you animal is an indoors animal, please make sure to treat the area where the animal sleeps and the surrounding area.  (Mix half a lid of shampoo liquid in 2 litres of water and spray the surrounding area & where you animal sleeps).
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